3 Easy And Inexpensive Nail Hacks For Perfect Manicure

December 26, 2019

If you want to have strong and healthy nails, there are several simple and cheap nail hacks and tips that can take your regular nail care to the next level. If you do your nails at home, here are nail hacks you could possibly need to secure a perfect manicure.

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Achieve the perfect DIY manicure at home with these nail tricks and tips. Make your DIY manicure last longer with our nail polish hacks. It has never been so easy to create salon-worthy nail art at home!

3 easy nail hacks for your perfect manicure

1. Prevent the tips of your painted nails from chipping

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Here is a tip that can save the tips of your nails from chipping. The hack is super simple as you should just use a base coat. The thing is to paint two base coat layers in a specific way: apply the first one on the top half of your nail, then the second one over the whole nail. It will help your nail polish last longer.

2. Use white nail polish for bright colors

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Have you ever noticed that the color of your nail polish can look unusual? The natural color of your nails can change the color of your polish, especially if your nail polish isn’t thick or bright. Add a layer of white nail polish first to see the true color of your nail polish. Your nails will look well-painted and bright with this technique.

3. Use ice

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If you want to dry your nails faster, say "no" to hot water as it can make your nail polish crack. At the same time, ice water can work like magic when it comes to getting your nail polish dry faster.

After you’ve applied your nail polish, soak them in a bowl with ice and water. Several minutes would be enough. The cold water will help set the paint. As a result, your nails will dry faster.

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