3 Easy DIY Home Hacks To Save Money And Time

January 10, 2020

Want to keep your home clean and well-organized? There are always these pesky obstacles that make everything so difficult - but with the help of our lifehacks, you can easily solve them! We've rounded 3 tips and tricks for every corner of your home.

Everything you should know to get the tidiest home: genius cleaning hacks, DIY crafts and top organizing tips for every room in the house. Our easy DIY home hacks will save you precious minutes, money, and most importantly, your sanity.

3 clever tips and tricks for your home

1. Foil can work as a scrub brush

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If you are in desperate need of a scrub brush, but you forget to buy it, we have a super solution - foil. You can use foil to help you around the house for much more than food storage. Just bolled up it and use as a dish scrubber. Foil can also be used to polish silver.

Kitchen foil can help remove creases at ease when ironing. Place a sheet under your ironing board cover. This method works because foil reflects heat and it speeds up the whole process.

2.Clean a TV remote control

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Your television remote should be cleaned at least once per month. How to clean it? The instruction is simple. First of all, remove the batteries. Then, dip a cotton cloth into rubbing alcohol and wipe down the controller. Carefully clean around the buttons to remove the dirt. If you notice grime inside the buttons, use a toothpick.

Finally, dry the controller with a clean cloth. Don't forget to reinstall the batteries.

3. Use ice to remove candle wax from furniture

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If you ever spill candle wax on your furniture, you know that it can be difficult to remove it. Please don't try to scrape the wax off as it can ruin your furniture. Use ice! Fill a plastic bag with ice and place it over the wax. Wait for several minutes until the wax hardens. Then you can pick it up at ease and the problem will be solved!

Fast clean is real with our home tips and tricks. Share your favorite cleaning hacks in comments.

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