3 Smart And Easy Hacks To Make Home Sparkling Clean

January 9, 2020 16:11

Want a cleaner home that requires less effort? Want to know how to clean home fast? We've got home cleaning tips and tricks for every corner of your house. Having a well-organized home is much easier with our clever cleaning hacks. Here is the list of simple and budget household lifehacks to save your time and money. Change your cleaning routine for the better in no time.

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3 clever cleaning tips and tricks to save your money and time

1. Keep your smartphone clean

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The horrifying truth: Your smartphone might hide more germs than your toilet seat. Use an alcohol wipe regularly to sanitize your cell. Do the same with your TV remote and computer mouse from time to time. Germs, you shall not pass!

2. Make an all-natural cleaner.

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We have a DIY cleaner recipe that will make nearly every corner in your home shine. It is especially helpful for kitchen counters, appliances, and refrigerators. Mix 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart warm water, and that's all. Use your DIY all-purpose cleaner with a big sponge to get rid of messes. Say no to dirty kitchens!

3. Keep your kitchen sink smelling fresh

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Just several things are quite as disgusting as smelly kitchen sink or garbage disposal. We have got an insanely clever cleaning trick to solve this problem. Just use lemon ice cubes. Fill an ice cube tray with lemon wedges and water to create them. Once frozen, put the lemon cubes down the drain and turn the tap on. Or run the garbage disposal until the ice is gone. Lemon will help keep your sink smelling fresh.

These genius cleaning tips will have your home spotless in seconds. Keep your house sparkling clean and smelling fresh with our cheap cleaning supplies.

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