Excellent Photoshop Job: An Image Shows What It Would Be Like If Princess Diana Was Present At Charlotte’s Christening

December 27, 2017

Kate Middleton, sadly, never met her famous mother-in-law, Princess Diana, but thanks to an image made by an anonymous writer, we all can, at least, imagine what it would be like.


The picture, which was created by an anonymous author, shows the Duchess of Cambridge holding her daughter on her way to St. Magdalene Church, with Diana looking over the baby with her hands clasped together. The image of Diana was taken from her meeting with Mother Teresa, which took place just a couple of month before her death.

The picture was posted by Mary Kohnke from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and captioned:

What a great job at photoshopping ... Let's make this go viral!

It has been shared nearly 560,000 times ever since and divided the opinions of internet users: the image has been called both “beautiful” and “creepy.”

Even though Princess Charlotte will never get to know her outstanding grandmother, Prince William made sure his mother’s memory would still be alive in her granddaughter’s middle name.


The royal couple has paid tribute to Princess Diana by asking her niece and William’s cousin, Laura Fellowes, to be Princess Charlotte’s godmother. Another meaningful sign is that the ceremony was conducted at the same church where Diana herself was baptized in 1961.

Moreover, the Duke and the Duchess decided to make Norfolk their country home and not Gloucestershire, which was regarded as a sign of respect for Princess Diana. It is not far from Anmer Hall, where the Spencers had a beach house at Brancaster.

The photographer, who captured the shot of Kate holding Princess Charlotte, was Mario Testino, the same man who made the last official photo shoot of Diana.


It might be regarded just as a chain of unlinked coincidences, but for most people, these are important symbols, which prove that the beloved Diana will always be in her descendants’ hearts.

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