Ivana Trump Talks About What It Was Like Being Married To The US President And Her Thoughts About Melania

December 28, 2017 11:15

Ivana Trump was married to current United States president, Donald Trump, for 15 years (between 1977 and 1992). The couple ended up having three children together, Donald John Jr., Ivana Marie (often referred to as Ivanka), and Eric Fredrick. The marriage eventually ended after allegations of infidelity on Donald's part. She was married once before meeting him and twice afterwards.


In 2017, Ivana released an autobiography, titled Raising Trump, where she shared her life story, including her upbringing and the early years of raising her own children with Donald Trump. Since the release of the book, there has been a renewed interest in the life of the 68-year-old woman. She made a lot of interesting revelations in the autobiography, including how she knew her marriage was over when Marla Maples, Donald's alleged mistress, approached her one day in December 1989. She wrote:

This young blonde woman approached me out of the blue and said 'I'm Marla, and I love your husband. Do you? I said 'Get lost. I love my husband'.


She shared some other intimate details about her marriage and the subsequent divorce. Even though things were very turbulent at the time, Ivana also wrote that she and Donald now have a friendlier relationship.

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In an interview with ABC, Ivana said that Donald Trump was yet to read the book.

It's about my life and raising my kids. And he's in the book because he was the father of the kids, but I did not ask him for permission.


CBS also caught up with Ivana Trump during her book tour, and she shed more light on what life was like before and after she and the US president divorced. She opened up to Jim Axelrod and explained what Donald is like as a father. She also shared her opinion about Trump's current wife, Melania, and all the other topics she touched in her autobiography.

Watch CBS' interview with Donald Trump's first wife below.