People Have Really Hard Time Believing This Turkish Actress Is 71 Years Old!

February 1, 2018

In an era where the cult of youth prevails, you won't be surprised by a 45-year-old woman who hardly looks thirty. For a particular circle of ladies, looking young has become a necessary condition for success, popularity, and status. Nevertheless, some women can still garner people's admiration and surprise us with their youthful appearance.

Ajda Pekkan can deservedly be considered a symbol of eternal beauty and youth. The Turkish pop singer and actress, who is already 71 years old, is as popular as ever, which is partly conditioned by her young appearance.

The future singer was born into a military family. For a long time, the girl lived at a military base in Kocaeli. Then she graduated from an elite high school for girls in Istanbul. At the age of 16, the girl got into to the "Cati" club with the group "Los Catikos". This is when she started her singing career. Pekkan's debut song, "Goz Goz Degdi Bana", was released in 1964. The artist has released 20 albums since then, and more than two generations have been enjoying her art.

But Pekkan's current popularity is not only the result of her singing talent. After all, it's hard to remain unnoticed if you have such a stunning appearance. Madame Pekkan possesses an excellent figure, and she confidently shows off her body in open concert costumes.

When the gorgeous woman was asked to tell her secret of maintaining a perfect face and body, she replied that her secret lies in correct nutrition and exercise. "I love kebabs and fish and I always pay attention to what I eat". Nevertheless, the singer does not deny having undergone mammoplasty. Besides, she spends a lot of time in spas and salons and undergoes anti-aging procedures. Another thing that Pekkan is grateful for is genetics.

Of course, there is no point in denying Pekkan's plastic surgeries. But if we take a look at the final result, we have to agree that it is absolutely impressive! Would you like to look like this at the age of 70? Looking forward to your comments!