12 Types Of Dresses That Can Make You Look Slimmer

March 5, 2018

The ideal dress is the one that is flattering to your body shape – making you feel amazing, sexy, confident, and comfortable. It can be a real lifesaver in different situations. When looking for it and hoping there must be a certain style that works like magic, you may be surprised to discover there is actually more than just one!

1. Empire waist dress

In an empire waist dress, a sleek and slimming look results from the waistband resting above the natural waistline, often right below the bust. This type of dress is available in different lengths and variations, with a ruched cut, lace, color blocking or flowy flares, and it is especially flattering to those wishing to hide a bit of tummy or to emphasize the bust.

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2. Fit-and-flare dress

An A-line silhouette with flares starting from the waist down towards the hemline – fit-and-flare is a universally flattering dress. It's a classic wardrobe staple and a must-have for anyone who wants to look stylish and occasion-appropriate. It is great for work, formal events, dates, or meeting your friends for lunch.

3. Maxi dress

A maxi dress streamlines the silhouette, making everyone look taller, slimmer, and elegant. Its flowy magic can attract and redirect attention to your face, shoulders, hands, and footwear while helping to conceal anything in between that you may want to conceal. Side slits or front slits can show off your legs for a sexy look.

4. Shirt dress

A shirt dress is a classic piece you can wear anytime and anywhere without worrying about looking inappropriate or too dressed up. It is comfy and cozy, allowing you to be both pulled together and relaxed at the same time. An easy breezy but stylish solution to all these moments of agonizing over what to wear; if that's not a magic one, then what is?

5. Asymmetric dress

Asymmetric hemlines direct the eye upward and change the visual perception of the silhouette, elongating and slimming the body.

6. Wrap dress

A timeless dress style that is perfect for any occasion and flattering for virtually every figure. We can't thank Diane Von Furstenberg enough for creating the miracle of a dress that is waist-minimizing, bust-enhancing, and hip-reducing at the same time. What more could we ask for? A wrap dress can even create curves or a waistline where there were next to none, which is why it is also great for women with a rectangular body shape, and for skinny or petite women as well. Besides, wrap dresses don't look too tight, they are often adjustable and always incredibly feminine and comfortable.

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7. V-neck dress

V-necklines draw the eye upward and away from your midsection, creating the illusion of a longer neck, a slimmer upper body, and a smaller waist. They balance your proportions while making them seem more elegant overall, which is why V-necklines are what short women swear by to look taller, and are a safe bet for anyone who wants to look slimmer without losing weight.

8. Tunic dress

It is super comfy, simple, perfect for everyday wear, and can make you look slimmer even when you are pregnant. Tunic dresses are versatile, and they also look great when worn belted, emphasizing your waist without hugging it too tight.

9. Pleated dress

Pleat detailing on different parts of the dress can visually elongate your figure, disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust, making for a more flattering fit. A dress can have a pleated bodice or pleats below the Empire waist, for example, whether it's a formal dress or your everyday favorite keeping you comfortable and stylish no matter where you go.

10. 3/4 sleeve dress

Three-quarter-length sleeves will make any lady look slimmer by highlighting the forearms and wrists while obscuring the wider parts of her arms.

11. Long sleeve dress

Long sleeves hide any problem areas on arms while drawing attention to your wrists, which are the thinnest and prettiest parts of the arm regardless of weight, size, and body type.

12. Midi dress

An ultra-flattering midi-length is a go-to style, regardless of height and body size. It makes petite women look delicate, while helping plus-size ladies look slimmer, more elegant and graceful. Great for everything from work to dinners and dates or whatever you choose to do after work, this 'diplomatic' length is often considered the perfect day-to-night look.

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