Miracle Dog Saves Its 10-Year-Old Owner Day After Day

May 16, 2019 18:01

Five years ago, Luke Nuttall was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The boy’s health condition requires constant monitoring, hospital visits, injections, and endless struggles against fear.

Luckily, not only the loving parents but the boy’s best friend help the 10-year-old child to remain healthy and resist the disease.

When a puppy named Jedi appeared at the Nuttall’s house, Luke's life changed for the better. The pet has become not only the boy’s best friend but also his guardian angel.

Jedi isn’t a simple dog. He informs Luke's parents when their son's blood sugar level rises or falls. The dog has undergone intensive training to be the kid’s everyday protection. 

Jedi’s sense of smell and instinct helps him determine the level of sugar in Luke’s blood with 98% accuracy. When it decreases, the dog tilts his head; when it increases, he shakes it.

Jedi spends most of his time next to the child and informs about any change as soon as he senses an upcoming attack.

One night, the dog sensed that Luke was in critical condition while his mother Dorrie was sleeping in the next room. The tired woman didn’t hear the sounds of the device that was monitoring her son’s blood sugar level. Jedi knew exactly what to do – he rushed to wake the woman, knowing that every missed second can cost the boy’s life.

Dorrie admitted it would have been much more difficult to track the frequent sugar jumps if it weren't for the dog’s sensitive perception.

The boy is incredibly lucky to have such a miracle-working pet. We wish the wonderful family and their dog health and strength, and hope they will meet many more cloudless and joyful moments in their life!