Celebrities Who Aren't Ashamed Of Their Wrinkles

December 26, 2018 11:45

Some people become more beautiful with age. Also, a smile and sincerity make anybody more attractive. Then things like looks, age, or clothes become completely irrelevant.

Obviously being aware of this, many celebrities and public people are not ashamed of their wrinkles and don’t hide them under a thick layer of makeup. Let's call out these beautiful women.

Kate Middleton

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Prince William's wife is very charming. Her smile lights the room at any event she attends. We are sure that at home she’s even nicer to her family. Therefore, all her wrinkles must be from a good mood.

Britney Spears

The 37-year-old pop singer and actress doesn’t spare emotions during her performances, which can’t but leave an imprint on her face. However, one of the highest paid singers in the world isn’t bothered by such trifles.

Demi Moore

The 56-year-old actress looks as great as ever – she still has a beautiful figure and a couple of wrinkles doesn’t change much.

Monica Bellucci

The unfading Italian actress, model, and mother-of-two remains the standard of beauty and femininity at the age of 54. Even with wrinkles.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex and the City star watches her nutrition, leads a healthy lifestyle, and prefers to wear comfortable clothes at home – and stun on the red carpets, of course.

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Emilia Clarke

At festivals and social events, the British actress conquers the audience with her smile, in her films – with immense talent. But, of course, her most memorable role was Daenerys in the series Game of Thrones.

Julia Roberts

At 51, this Pretty Woman is no less pretty, although in her youth she didn’t consider herself as such. And now, one of the highest paid actresses of the world doesn’t have to care about what others think of her at all. Time can’t take her charming smile away!

Any mention of their age fades in comparison with the talent of each of these stars, wouldn’t you agree?

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