Dang, That Body! Margot Robbie Flashed Her Chiseled Figure In A Stylish Monokini In Cannes

May 27, 2019

Many famous actors worked for years to reach their current success. At times, they take roles they aren’t proud of, but even those gigs sometimes reveal unexplored facets of their talent. By the age of 28, young actress Margot Robbie has managed to achieve dizzying success. Moreover, many of her fans dream of having a body as chiseled hers.

Robbie started acting in movies in 2008, but she didn’t become famous overnight. The girl played in films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Legend of Tarzan, Suicide Squad, Mary Queen of Scots, and many others.

The latter two made her name known even for those who weren’t exactly following her career. In Suicide Squad she played an unforgettable rebel, and in Mary Queen of Scots she portrayed Elizabeth I, the Queen Mother.

As many movie stars, Robbie is a frequent guest on the red carpets of various cinematic events. In May 2019, she attended the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival, presenting one of her works, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Margot's co-stars in this flick include Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, not to mention the director Quentin Tarantino.

Generally, film festivals last several days. This allows everyone to plunge into the atmosphere of the fascinating world of cinema, as well as to admire new fashionable solutions chosen by the stars. Cannes Film Festival is synonymous with gorgeous dresses, luxurious suits, and elaborately designed looks and accessories.

Of course, the guests take breaks from watching movies and social events. A few hours, they can devote to rest. And Robbie is no exception.

Photo correspondents managed to capture the girl in an informal setting. She relaxed by the pool showcasing her diving skills and a chiseled figure. Margot can’t boast voluptuous curves, but, as it seems to us, she is her perfect shape. Wouldn’t you agree? The actress looked great in a simple yet elegant one-shoulder snow-white monokini.

Despite the fact that the girl’s parameters are somewhat different from those that we are used to seeing on the world's catwalks, they are pretty enviable, right? And how do you find Margot Robbie’s figure?