Would Meghan Dare Post A “Trendy” Breastfeeding Photo? An Expert Says It’s Not The Worst She Could Do

May 22, 2019

On May 6, 2019, Duchess Meghan welcomed her firstborn, Archie Harrison. You may remember that she didn’t take a break from defying stereotypes even during pregnancy – Meghan emphasized her growing tummy in tight-fitting clothes and body language, behaved more like a Hollywood star than a member of the British royal family, and broke several traditions. Many expected to see the baby on the day he was born as it was with the children of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, but Meghan had her way.

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Just a few days before the baby was born, a popular Australian publisher wondered if Meghan would go as far as to post personal photos on her Instagram page. Now, it’s trendy among progressive moms to post pictures of breastfeeding a baby. However, not all readers took this prospect well.

@Donna-Marie Jutras:

What if she doesn't breastfeed? It's not always an option for all moms. I think it's more important that she and Harry give the baby nourishment even if she is unable to breastfeed. But that would ruin the author's dream photo and that's all that really counts. Right?

@Madelaine Borlase:

Don't believe she is pregnant, a baby may appear, but I'm sure there is a surrogate out there somewhere, and I am sure she wont breast feed. Imagine what that would do to her figure.

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@Rosanne Frailer:

How in the world did anyone think of seeing a pix of her breastfeeding her new baby ? Have you nothing better to do with your time ?🤰

@Robyn Martin:

Please no, seen so many feeding photos im over it, is anything not for news or facebook and just special family moments

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@Fran Bisogno:

She loves attention. She is so jealous of Kate who will be Queen in the future. She is a drama queen.
Kate is so classy and so royal. Megan does not fit in with royalty. Harry made a big mistake.

@Elaine Hibshman:

Megan just want authority, to be in the new or magazines and yes, on line. She alone is doing grave damage to the Royal Throne

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In any case, and the issue of breastfeeding has always been quite a hot button for the royal family. Many years ago, according to some media, royal women used to hand over their babies to wet nurses immediately in order to return to their duties as quickly as possible. Also, it was considered inappropriate for persons of such high status. It was said that Queen Mother, Elizabeth I, had once decided to feed her children on her own. Theoretically, it could have been the beginning of the new tradition in the House of Windsor, although her youngest daughter, Princess Margaret, called it “bad taste.”

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Nevertheless, mentor and hypnotherapist Catherine Raincock did not exclude the possibility of Markle assuming the role of a progressive mother. In her opinion, Meghan could become the “ultimate empowered mother” by breastfeeding her child in public. Raincock also assumed that the Duchess would continue nursing little Archie for at least a year or even two.

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Only time will tell whether the expert was right in her assumptions. What do you think about this? Could public breastfeeding, which many expect Meghan to do, have a negative impact on the image of the royal family?