Karl Lagerfeld’s Young Protégé: Who Was The Boy That The Late Fashion Designer Brought To The Podium So Often?

February 22, 2019 14:47

February 19 will go down in the history of world fashion as a day of irreparable loss: legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld left this world. What is interesting is that even his devoted fans hardly remembered what he looked like in his youth: the couturier was already 85 when he passed away. Despite his age, he didn’t miss almost any of his shows. Moreover, in recent years, he often appeared at the podium in the company of a boy. Who is he and why did the designer bring him to the catwalk?

Very little is known about the designer's personal life. He owned several luxurious estates in different parts of the world and was never married, meaning he had no heirs. Nevertheless, Lagerfeld didn’t feel lonely. A​s a surprisingly hard-working man, he was constantly engaged in blue-sky thinking and leisure time with the said boy.

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11-year-old Hudson Krönig is the couturier’s godson. His father, Brad Krönig, was one of Karl’s closest friends. According to media reports, the men met at the beginning of the 2000s in Biarritz, where Brad was taking part in a photo session for VMan. A quick acquaintance soon grew into a strong friendship. Krönig even became one of Karl’s muses and a part of his “fashion family” – a group of elite male models.

A few years later, Brad married Nicole – the daughter of tennis coach Nick Bollettieri, who worked with Andre Agassi and the Williams sisters. After the birth of their first child, Hudson, neither Brad nor Nicole had any doubts about who will become the godfather for their baby.

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The designer was said to love the boy very much and had no doubt that he had every chance to follow Brad’s life path. Hudson's first appearance on the podium took place in 2010 when he was only two years old. Since then, he has often participated in shows accompanied by older models and his godfather. In addition, the boy was repeatedly photographed for various glossies.

We don’t know whether Lagerfeld mentioned Hudson in his will. Neither do we know who will take care of the designer’s beloved cat, Choupette. The boy is still very young, so it is difficult to predict what he will devote himself to in the future. We hope that the memory of his legendary godfather will live with him regardless of the path Hudson will eventually choose.

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