She Is Her Majesty All Over! Meghan Markle Has "Copied" The Image Of Her Husband's Grandma


April 16, 2019 17:29 By Fabiosa

Meghan Markle can be called an “excellent student” of the royal family. She managed to change her style quite quickly, becoming more elegant and conservative. Even though she still allows herself some daring fashion choices and experiments, her images always contain elements of femininity and restrained elegance. 

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Of course, some of the excellent examples made us notice the similarity of Meghan’s images with Kate and Diana’s outfits. 

Moreover, she even takes an example from Queen Elizabeth II. Similarly to Her Majesty, she began to use gloves as an accessory, even if she doesn’t always put them on. But the most surprising example was one of Meghan’s outfits as reminiscent of Prince Harry’s grandmother back in 2008! The Queen was then wearing a long brocade dress embroidered in golden and cream colors.

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This maxi dress looked just bewildering! Since it was a formal evening image, she supplemented it with majestic jewelry: necklace, earrings, tiara, and bracelet.

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Brocade dresses are a very noble trend because the fabric looks expensive and elite. Meghan Markle tried on one of these even before her relationship with Prince Harry. She opted for a burgundy shade that time. 

Recently, she has repeated the Queen’s image in some sense! She put on a brocade dress of a golden-cream shade. She decided to place the focus just on her outfit, so she didn’t accompany it with accessories. 

If you look at these two dresses, you find several similarities between them indeed! Meghan must have been really inspired by Her Majesty. What do you think about this? Is the Queen a good example to take after? Share your opinion in the comments.