Woman Took A Successful Christmas Photo Of The Royal “Fab 4” And Was Able To Quit Work And Travel To Paris

December 28, 2018

As always, on this year's Christmas morning, the majority of Brits switched on their televisions. Their eyes were on the royal family visiting the reverent place of worship and talking to people who gathered around the church.


The Duchess of Sussex didn’t find it a new experience to visit a Christmas service together with her new relatives. It was the second time for Meghan Markle in Sandringham. In 2017, the Prince’s bride was honored to spend the holiday with his family.

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One of the first joint images of the Cambridges and the future Sussexes instantly spread around the internet. However, not only professional photo correspondents have become popular for the perfect shots. A year ago, Karen Anvil came to a meeting with the royals, who made this event one of the most memorable days in her life.

The woman managed to take a unique photo of the “royal four” with almost everyone looking at her camera.

Since they all have to work actively with the public, this is sheer luck, which brought Karen a solid income. The photo that the woman took on an ordinary smartphone was bought at a price of between $750 and $7,500 per month, making it possible for Karen to leave her work for a while, do some household repairs, visit Paris with her daughter, and set aside some money for her college education.

Karen tried her luck for the second time and managed to snap up a few cute shots of Meghan Markle in Sandringham.

By the way, it took only a year for the charming actress to become the Duchess and get pregnant.

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By tradition, Kate’s and Meghan’s outfits were coordinated with each other, although they were designed in different colors.


In addition, the girls were really friendly with the public: they smiled and even used gestures that could be considered as signs of support.

Kate and William didn’t bring their children with themselves. Of course, little Louis is still quite small for such events. Compared to 2016, when the Cambridges in full squad stayed in Berkshire with Kate’s relatives, this time, the Dukes decided to leave the kids at home. According to Elle publication, in the royal family, older children are sent to the church with their parents. Prince William, for example, was 5 like his eldest son now, when he first visited a service. It is likely that the parents opted to postpone George’s debut in Sandringham until Charlotte is a little older as well.gettyimages


Every event with the royal family is an important occasion for many Brits. We don’t know if Karen Anvil was lucky with her camera in Sandringham this year. However, we are sure if her pictures of Meghan will be on demand, you can confidently claim that you have seen them almost immediately after they appeared on the web.

What about you? Have you ever happened to sell any of your photos? Share your experience in the comments.

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