Senior Bloggers Ruin Every Single Stereotype About The True Beauty And Immeculate Appearance

July 13, 2018

True beauty is not subjected to time. And these senior bloggers don’t consider their age an obstacle on the way to public recognition. Regardless of how old they are, these grannies still look fabulous! These models say the most important thing is self-confidence and impeccable appearance. Let’s see whether they are really as hot as described!

They do not hesitate to wear bright clothes, do not hide wrinkled bodies, often take pictures for magazines and cooperate with fashion brands. Thousands of people follow them on their accounts in social networks and are simply captivated with their immaculate appearance. It is high time to get acquainted with them closer.

1. Linda Rodin

Such a cute, elegant model, Linda Rodin, is a former editor and stylist of the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar. She doesn’t think of retirement at her 66. Now, this lady is the head of the cosmetic brand Rodino, as well as a stunning model and an excellent blogger. Linda’s Instagram has more than 227,000 subscribers, whom she inspires to enjoy the life at any age.

2. Valerie von Sobel

This lady conceals her age very carefully, but many people assume that she is already over 75. Valerie is a model, philanthropist, and artist. Take a look at her hats, they are real masterpieces.

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3. Lin Slater

A 64-year-old sociology professor from New York, Lin Slater, decided to start an inspirational fashion blog when she did not find anything similar for women of her age on the internet. She has more than 500,000 subscribers. Lin gladly provides numerous photo sessions for fashion magazines, and doesn’t try to look young: She doesn’t hide her real age and gray hair.

4. Buddy Winkle

Buddy Winkle is 88 years old, and she has 3,600,000 subscribers. At this age, women try not to attract much attention and are definitely afraid of bright colors in clothes. However, Buddy adores shouting outfits with the provocative inscriptions and also does not hesitate to take photos in the swimsuits.

5. Iris Apfel

She is 96 years old and she is completely into the design of clothes and interiors, attends social events, publishes books and photographs for magazines. What an amazing woman!

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6. Beatrix Ost

Beatrice is a famous artist and writer. And those aren’t all of her talents. She is 78, and she adores her active lifestyle. Bright turbans and hair, dark lips and massive jewelry are what makes Beatrix special.

7. Daphne Selfe

The 90-year-old model, Daphne Selfe, runs a successful Instagram blog, where she shares her pictures with fashion photo-shoots, as well as provides several recommendations on self-care and teaches how to be in love with yourself.

These popular women inspire others to look after themselves and enjoy life regardless of the age. Share this article with your friends, and make them believe there is no limit to stop being proud of your appearance.

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