Parental Sweetness Overload! Ben Affleck Was Spotted Snuggling With His Son

July 11, 2019

Ben Affleck has officially been a bachelor for less than a year. On November 7, 2018, his divorce from Jennifer Garner was finalized. The spouses had lived together for 10 years and now have 3 children – Violet Affleck, Seraphina Rose, and Samuel.

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Ben and Jennifer share custody of their children. Affleck also spoke against paparazzi following his kids. He demanded that photographers be banned from approaching his son and two daughters, and that they blur their faces if in the frame accidentally.

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Well, an understandable claim albeit not very common in the modern world, where social networks and photos are integral parts of many people's lives. By the way, Ben doesn't show his kids even on his Instagram page.

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The other day, paparazzi got a few photos of Ben anyway spending quality time with this son. These two had a great time joking around and snuggling.

Many Affleck's fans praised the actor for being such a sweet father:


What paternal sweetness! So happy for him.


He's a doll


Cool dad


Wow, so lovely, just aww

This father-son duo is really sweet! We really do hope that Ben and Jennifer’s divorce hasn’t affected the kids.