According To A Famous Historian, Melania And Donald Trump Are One Of The Most Unusual Presidential Unions In Modern Times

May 18, 2018 16:47

Public people are always in the center of attention, especially if they are the heads of state. They have always been the ones setting the tone, and their relationships with spouses, children, and other relatives are completely out in the open. They are being analyzed, discussed and often criticized. There isn’t a more interesting couple in the modern history than Donald and Melania Trump.


A famous presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley, came to an interesting conclusion. He compared this couple to some of their predecessors and described it as one of the most “awkward” unions of recent time. Hence, Barack and Michelle Obama always demonstrated mutual love and support. George and Laura Bush looked very well together. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton managed to survive the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky and promoted family values.

Melania and Donald Trump are a very peculiar couple. There is a substantial age difference between the spouses, and both had ups and downs in the past. Their relationship has always seemed complicated to the public. And one of the last books about the current President only stirred the pot. Its author, Michael Wolff, claimed that Donald is a "chronically" unfaithful husband, with a rather chaotic path to power, and that his wife didn’t want to be the First Lady right until the inauguration.

The writer also backed the rumors that there is a lot of tension in the couple’s relationship. In his book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," he emphasized the fact that the spouses have separate bedrooms, and the President prefers to spend his free time alone and barely knows what is happening in the life of his youngest son, Barron.

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Many Americans believe that not all is well between Trump’s closest women, Melania and Ivanka, his eldest daughter. It is believed that Melania sometimes feels shadowed by the young and blooming relative.


It came to the public’s attention that the former model, unlike previous First Ladies of the USA, was reluctant to move in the White House. Looking back, we can remember that her husband did spend his first months in the presidential residence alone. However, there was a simpler explanation: As a mother, Melania wanted Barron to finish a school year in familiar surroundings.

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It must be said that Trump's predecessors were exemplary family men or, at least, tried to create such image. As for Donald and Melania, they were blasted by media after recent revelations of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, relationships with whom the President continues to deny.

In comparison with loving Obama family, this couple is under incessant talks of blatant violation of moral values ​​as such. However, it should be noted that Trump's "guilt," unlike Bill Clinton’s and legendary John F. Kennedy’s, has not been proven yet. Moreover, despite all the awkward moments in the couple's relationship, Melania is publicly taking her husband’s side.


It will become apparent that this couple is the odd one out in recent American history, if you add a lot of awkward public moments to all of the mentioned above. Some of these include: Melania refusing to hold Donald Trump’s hand, a tense expression of her face on many photos, a few unnatural smiles, and more.

Did you know that the billionaire worked hard to get Melania to like him? They first met back in 1998. By that time, it had been almost a year after Donald’s divorce. She refused when he asked for her phone number the first time. Only later did he manage to win the heart of a proud Slovene.

A feature which the President cherishes most in his wife is that she is much less demanding than any of his previous wives. She made peace with the fact that he has to work a lot.


You can support Donald Trump as a president or not, but there is no denying that Melania is the public’s favorite. Maybe this awkwardness and a slight tension make the Trumps so famous after all.

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