How Coldhearted Jacqueline Kennedy Ripped Out The Heart Of British Ambassador After The Death Of Her Husband

July 13, 2018

John Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, died almost 55 years ago. He was the head of the state for only two years, but this did not stop him from becoming a real legend. His charming wife, Jackie Kennedy, was a recognized style icon. Her perpetuated images haven’t lost their relevance and still inspire not only the eminent designers but also millions of ordinary women.


Before the marriage, Jacqueline Bouvier worked in several authoritative publishing houses and popularized the country’s cultural and historical heritage. Jackie met her future spouse by the common friends, and a little more than a year later, in 1953, the couple got married.


Few people know this marriage had not two, as most believe, but four children. Kennedy’s first-born, baby Annabelle, did not live a day. Almost the same fate awaited the fourth and the smallest member of the family, Patrick, as the boy died two days after his birth.

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Their marriage lasted for only ten years, until the memorable day when the luxurious, elegant pink costume from Chanel became a symbol of grief. Even a few hours after the tragic death of her husband, Jacqueline did not change the dress stained with drops of his blood and repeated “they” should see what they did.

In early February 2017, the public witnessed the love correspondence of the former first lady with David Ormsby-Gore, also known as the 5th Baron Harlech, the British ambassador to the United States.


After moving to the US in 1961, he quickly became close with the Kennedys family. He had much in common with the president – interests, views, aspirations. In a short time, he became John’s adviser, and Kennedy’s sister even baptized David’s firstborn. As he often visited the president’s hospitable house, David and Jackie were soon associated with sincere friendship. There could not be anything more between them at that time – both were happy in their marriages, despite rumors of Kennedy’s numerous “mistresses.”

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When in 1967, four years after the president’s death, David’s wife died, he began to correspond with Jacqueline more often. After his wife’s funeral, David went to Cambodia along with Jackie, who was actively engaged in charity.

Even though the whole world was discussing their possible romance, there was no reliable information about the couple’s relationship at that time. However, the revealed correspondence shed some light on the story. It turned out David made Jacqueline a proposal, which she, to his great disappointment, rejected.


As it follows from the letters, the British politician had developed a rather complex plan that would allow him, without fear of condemnation and avoiding threats to a career, to tie the knot with the former first lady of the United States. She, apparently, at that time, was considering the possibility of the alliance with Aristotle Onassis, because she hinted there had already been a special person in her life; the one who did not stir the past and would let her forget about the tragedy she had experienced. Moreover, Jackie didn’t leave David any hope, calling him the most beloved brother and a spiritual mentor in one of the letters.


In response, Gore reminded her of the joint plans they had built during their stay in Cambodia. This suggests Jacqueline’s feelings were not completely friendly either, but she seemed to prefer someone who could give her protection from loneliness, calm and financial well-being.

Jackie married a Greek tycoon; a few years later Gore remarried as well. They continued communicating, but not so close, until David’s death in 1985. If it weren’t for these letters, we would have never learned there was another man in Jacqueline’s life. However, his true role in her story will most likely remain a mystery.

Source: Express, NBC News, NY Times

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