Astrologer About Little Archie: The Boy's Name Was "Written In The Stars"

May 13, 2019 17:45

Just a few hours after the birth of their son, Meghan and Harry announced their baby's name: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. It probably upset some of the couple's fans who were placing bets on other names for the boy during the Duchess' pregnancy.

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The opinions on this have split.


Yikes! Cute baby, but awful name.


 Do they realise he will have to live with that name for the rest of his life...Archie??...

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7th in line to the throne so unlikey he'll get it but can you imagine King Archie???


I think it’s appropriate. He will have Harry’s red hair just like Archie from the comic book.💕

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I love the name Archie. It’s adorable.


Archie is an anagram of Rachel, which is Meghan's first name.

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Having studied the boy's birth chart, astrologer Julian Venables shared an interesting suggestion. When Archie was born, one of the planets that has been connected with royal families for a long time, Jupiter, was present in the sign of Sagittarius, also known as the Archer, which sounds similar to the name of Harry and Meghan's firstborn. Although there is a likelihood that this was what the Sussexes were driven by when choosing the name, it seems rather implausible, doesn't it?

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The baby's last name was just as surprising for many people. As they believed that he might bear the title of Earl of Dumbarton (one of those his father had). However, the fact that they chose his last name to be Mountbatten can be considered a tribute to Prince Philip, Harry's grandfather. You might remember that before 1960, all members of the royal family were technically Windsors. There's been an opinion that Prince Philip was rather upset with the fact that he was virtually the only one who was robbed of the right to hand his name down to his heirs. In the end, it was documented that all the untitled heirs are allowed to take the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. Although, the baby could officially be a prince after Charles has ascended the throne, as the grandson of the reigning monarch.

This theory behind the boy's name wasn't the only one formed by said astrologer. He also assumed that there was a spiritual link between him and his deceased grandma, Princess Diana. According to Mr. Venables, Archie is supposed to be very compassionate and sensitive to other people's pain, in this way keeping his emotional heritage from Lady Di.

We could keep on guessing why Harry and Meghan chose this particular name for their son. But Queen Elizabeth probably agreed to it and, in any event, the parents are the ones who should decide on the names of their children, aren't they?