Flashback To Pregnant Melania Trump: Pictures Of The First Lady In An Expectant Condition

May 9, 2019 15:19

If you are a celebrity, you are and will be talked about. If you are a successful and pretty woman, then you are guaranteed that your personality will be discussed by the general public! People will most likely ascribe scandals, romances, and pregnancies to you.

The First Lady of the USA has been through such situations numerous times! Fairly recently, Melania Trump has been said to be carrying a forthcoming addition to the family, but is it true?

Is Melania pregnant?

On April 26, Melania Trump celebrated her 49th birthday. Her new pictures came as kind of a surprise to the public. The ever slim woman seemed to have gained some extra pounds. Assumptions about her pregnancy shortly thereafter appeared on the net. But we shouldn't trust them. Although, if it was true, we would be genuinely happy for her. She'd look so nice with a baby belly!

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Let's recap how Melania looked during her pregnancy.

Pregnant Melania in 2006

Barron is the only son of Donald and Melania. He was born on 20th March 2006. At the time, his mom was 36 years old.

Pregnancy really suited Melania. Right?

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Isn't Melania gorgeous? Now more and more stars are brave enough to have a baby at a mature age. Perhaps the Trumps will decide to get another one. What do you think?