How Amal Clooney Looked At A Very Young Age

May 21, 2019 10:36

You probably have seen very few celebrities, even your idols, in childhood or youth. It's a pity because their archived pictures can become quite a discovery for you.

We have previously shown you how George Clooney looked in his youth.

It may be hard to recognize the biggest macho of Hollywood in this young man with glasses and a weird haircut, but it really is the star of the movies about the charming fraud, Danny Ocean, in the pics.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

We are used to seeing the actor's wife, lawyer Amal Clooney, in exquisite outfits with a perfect hairstyle. But how did she look when she was very young?

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Before meeting George, Amal Alamuddin was only famous in the legal circle. However, you can still find pictures from her college years on the net.

Well, even back then, Amal looked stunning and attractive!

And here's how some other Hollywood stars looked in their young years.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Hugh Jackman

Pierce Brosnan

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