Is Meghan The People's Favorite? Fans Reactions To Kate And Meghan's First Shots With Babies

May 14, 2019 14:39

May 6 2019, the day that little Archie Harrison was born, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's fans found yet another reason to compare the two princes' wives. The Duchess of Sussex, who has become a mother for the first time, came out to pose before cameras just two days after giving birth, showing her baby to the world.

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The perfect harmony of Meghan and Harry's relationship touched the hearts of millions. Many people expressed their wishes for the couple with nice warm words and we happily join them.

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You probably remember that Kate Middleton's youngest child was born just a little more than one year before the Sussexes' baby, on April 23, 2018. And just a few hours later on the same day, the glowing mother was posing with her newborn for the world to see. Traditionally, the Duchess put on a simple dress of just above the knee length with quite a straight silhouette, and she looked like she never had those exhausting months of pregnancy.

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Natural makeup, perfect hair styling, high heels, and almost no signs of exhaustion was met with an outpouring of criticism on the net. One of the women shared that they felt exactly the way mothers feel right after giving birth, and Keira Knightley also gave a detailed description of her own feelings.


30 hours post labor and I can’t help but think how immaculately flawless Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, looked after birth. In a dress. Poised. With nice hair. 


Either she's not human or I didn't get the secret handbook after labor and delivery, because I could barely stand - let alone pose for pictures in front of the adoring public...

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I still don’t understand how Kate Middleton looks like she was never pregnant hours after giving birth lol

Meghan, on the contrary, showed the changes that her body had undergone during pregnancy. A-shape sleeveless high-waisted dress highlighted the Duchess' still round belly even more. According to some internet users, it was some sort of a secret message to young moms meaning that they don't have to, and it's highly unlikely that they can, look perfect right after giving birth.

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I love that #MeghanMarkle is rocking her #postbabybody. A little over 48 hours postpartum, and she isn’t trying to hide her very real post-baby bump. I love it. You look fabulous! Congrats again sussexroyal.


I am in love with how #MeghanMarkle showed off her sweet cheeks and post-bump with #BabySussex. That is REAL and she owns it. 

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Are people really asking why #MeghanMarkle has a baby bump 3👏🏼days👏🏼af👏🏼ter👏🏼giv👏🏼ing👏🏼birth?!?!?!?! Like a uterus just magically shrinks after it takes 9 months to stretch and house a HUMAN!


I don't care about royal families, but I do care about the history of pregnancy & reproduction - especially our cultural obsession with postnatal bodies. So I love that Meghan Markle chose an outfit that shows off her post-baby bump.

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LOVE that Meghan Markle had the confidence and strength of character to show off her very real post baby-bump rather then succumbing to the celebrity tummy tuck.  Still remember the window cleaner asking me when I was due six weeks after I’d given birth 😳😂. Fabulous images!


Megan looking as she should days after giving birth, proof once again Kate Middleton is an alien among us

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Well, the Duchess of Sussex disappointed fans because she didn't come out to the public with the baby right on the day he was born, but it seems like she managed to "make it up" to them. Whose pictures appeal more to you: Kate's or Meghan's?