Like A Girl! Fans Are Overjoyed With 50-Year-Old Jennifer Aniston's Bold Photoshoot

May 15, 2019 12:19

Looking at Jennifer Aniston, it's hard to believe that she just celebrated her 50th birthday.

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

It seems like we still see the same cutie Jen in front of us, the one who played the iconic role of Rachel in the TV series Friends. And if you think about it, the first episode of the sitcom was released 25 years ago!

Aniston is living proof that even when you reach a certain age, you shouldn't give up the things you like and make you feel confident. Not long ago, the star had a rather bold photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Jen's stylish and eye-catching shots proved that while the woman may not be getting any younger with age, but she is definitely not losing her beauty and charm.

For the photoshoot, the woman tried on not only classic style outfits, but also some spicy looks, which highlighted and revealed her gorgeous figure in the best possible way. Even after reaching 50, the actress isn't going to give up outfits with high cuts and deep cleavage.

By the way, Jen's toned and feminine figure is exclusively thanks to her hard work. As you may know, the movie star exercises regularly and follows a healthy diet.

Seems like time indeed has no power over Aniston and this spectacular photoshoot is yet more evidence of that!