Meghan And Harry's Instagram Page May Be Making Fans Even Happier In Future

May 14, 2019 17:18

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex probably know about their fans' love. Maybe that's why they have decided to start their personal account on Instagram. It happened on April 2 and just one and half months later, their page had 7.8 million followers!

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At first, it seems like an official page with pictures from different social events which you could easily find on various media anyway. But what fans appreciate is that this page informs everyone about important events faster.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Everything changed when Meghan Markle gave birth to a son! At first, a few pictures of the Sussex family were posted from an angle you couldn't find anywhere else. Then, another detail important for the fans came up.

There is a good reason to believe that Meghan and Harry will be adding more personal and archive pictures in the future. For instance, on Mother's Day, they posted a picture of Meghan's hands and little Archie's feet. The caption said that the shot was taken by the Sussex family. It's likely that Harry was the one who took it.

Isn't it cute? If the couple is sharing such personal photos, then perhaps everyone will get a chance to watch little Archie grow on his parents' Instagram page.

If they keep it up, the world may really get an opportunity to receive their daily dose of archive family photos directly from Meghan and Harry themselves! What do you think about it? Will Meghan and Harry treat us to more personal pictures in the future? Share your opinion in the comments below.