Modern-Day Frida Kahlo Credits Her Gorgeous Bushy Eyebrows To Good Genetics And Shows Her Parents

June 26, 2019

Sophia Hadjipanteli is a girl with amazingly vivid, beautiful looks. She has striking facial features, expressive eyes, and pouty lips. But the feature her fans love the most is her bushy eyebrows - just like famous Frida Kahlo had! Maybe she is her distant relative, otherwise, who did this girl get such a distinctive facial feature from?

No, she and Frida aren't related. But they look so much alike! Yet, Cypriot Sophia got her thick eyebrows from her parents (her mom is on the left in the picture).

The girl has always perceived unibrows as a normal thing because she's seen it around her since childhood.

However, the people around her haven't always been tolerant towards the model; she's also received some negative comments about her appearance.

On her Instagram blog, Sophia posts pictures with a hashtag #UnibrowMovement. She does it consciously to inspire people with similar eyebrows to feel comfortable, forget about insecurities, and focus solely on their personal preference.

Sophia knows what she's talking about because her eyebrows were initially light colored and she regularly trimmed them to "be like everyone else". But once, she dyed them black and decided to leave them that way because she liked it.

Sophia gave in to the comments about her similarities with Frida Kahlo; she did a themed photoshoot, dressing up as the famous Mexican painter, and posted shots on her social media.

Her fans were overjoyed and she became even more reassured that the main guideline in life is to go with your personal preferences and taste.

You must agree that Sophia and Frida look very much alike and the unibrow gives them special charm and uniqueness. That's what it means to be your true self!