Neither Boy Nor Girl: 8 Celebs Who Are Raising Their Kids Gender Neutral

July 16, 2019

When it comes to raising their children, parents simultaneously want to use cutting-edge approaches and fear making mistakes. Lately, it's been "trendy", especially among celebrities, to follow a gender-neutral approach. So what is it and who promotes it?

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Basically, this approach means refusing from many stereotypical nurturing, such as imposing a certain behavioral model onto a child. Now parents are encouraging their children to try things that used to be considered more common for the opposite sex: exchanging toys, wearing comfortable gender-neutral clothes. Even using neutral colors for the child's bedroom decor.

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Thanks to this, kids have more opportunities for development, accepting and discovering their true selves. Some schools have adopted this approach as well and, by doing so, they reduce the pressure on kids who haven't realized their gender identification yet. On the topic of famous moms and dads, our compilation only lists 8 of them, but it seems to us that there are a lot more families like this.

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1. Kate Hudson

The actres is raising her baby daughter just like her elder sons from her previous relationship, meaning that she didn't change the approach itself, but it doesn't make Rani any less of a girl.

2. Adele

The actress has always been an advocate for the human right of self-expression. And this is what she's teaching her son Angelo. Adele is also prepared that in future he will be the one to decide on his gender identity.

3. Angelina Jolie

Angie has been known for supporting this movement for quite a while. She and her ex-husband have been supporting the wish of their daughter Shiloh to identify as a boy since around 2010.

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4. Will Smith

Will and Jada allow their children to decide for themselves on their future. Their son has been spotted wearing women's clothes many times, but why not turn a blind eye to it if it brings the kid joy?

5. Pink

This bright and eccentric woman knows firsthand how important it is to stand up for your own vision and worldview. No doubt, she would accept any choice of her children, even if it was non-conventional.

6. Megan Fox

The actress is often criticized over her sons wearing long hair and sometimes women's clothes. However, she doesn't stand in the way of their self-expression.

7. Gwen Stefani

The singer has three sons who are allowed to wear nail polish and wear girls' clothes if it gives them an opportunity to show their personality and feel comfortable.

8. Charlize Theron

The actress is raising an adopted son and daughter. However, she often mentions that she really loves her "girls."

Parents' understanding and support are invaluable. But it makes you wonder what impact gender-neutral parenting has on children. Some experts suppose that it gives them an opportunity to develop without man-made boundaries, which means kids don't have to pretend or try to be someone they're not.

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But, at the same time, their opponents believe that a person needs to understand and realize their gender identity from an early childhood. Sexuality is defined by genetic and biological factors rather than a person's surroundings or habits. You should also realize that you might have to answer uncomfortable questions of other parents.


People are entitled to make their own decisions on how they want to raise their children. But you should only follow the gender-neutral approach in parenting to help your child develop rather than to keep up with the current trends. What do you think about it?