Story Of A Dress: How Once Julia Roberts In A Valentino Dress Was Compared To A Skunk

May 8, 2019

2001 was special for Julia Roberts — on March 25, the Hollywood star earned her first and so far only Oscar statuette. The sacred figurine was awarded to the star for her role in the film called Erin Brockovich where she played the lead part.

The 73rd Academy Awards ceremony was unforgettable for Julia, just like the dress she opted for that day.

When then 33-year-old actress appeared on the red carpet, everyone gasped – Roberts looked like a true diva. For this public appearance, she picked a black and white velvet dress from the brand Valentino's 1992 collection.

However, truth be told, the outfit turned out to be far from comfortable. You can see in the video how hard it was for Julia to get up on the stage after Kevin Spacey said her name. However, there was nothing that could spoil that evening for the actress, not even such an insignificant nuance.

Fashion critics were in awe of Roberts' dress; it was even honored with a separate Wikipedia page.

Notably, Julia got help in choosing the black and white dress from her niece, actress Emma Roberts, who was only 10 years old at the time.

I remember when my aunt was trying on dresses for the year she was nominated and won, and the dress she wore, I said lovingly, 'You should wear the skunk dress!'. It was the black and white dress, and it was the best one.

— remembers Emma.

By the way, in one of the interviews, Julia confessed that she still has the memorable dress — in a box under her bed. In the future, the star is planning to pass it down to her daughter, Hazel. Roberts believes that her heir will look fascinating in this outfit at her prom.

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