Apollo-Like Son And Chinese Daughter: Meg Ryan’s Children Who Are So Different

July 12, 2019

The Hollywood cinema of the 80s and 90s is unimaginable without charming Meg Ryan. When Harry Met Sally..., Sleepless in Seattle, Addicted to Love, and other films are still among many people’s favorites. She wasn’t as prolific in the 2000s, but instead had time to raise children.

Ryan could have remained a world-class star, but her passion for plastic surgery left an unpleasant mark on her career. Operations altered the appearance and facial expressions of the actress: she wasn’t the same sweet girl the audience had grown to love so much.

In 1991, Meg married her colleague, actor Dennis Quaid. A year later, they had a son, Jack. Ryan and Quaid were considered an exemplary couple, but their marriage didn’t last for more than a decade. In 2001, they officially divorced. It was rumored that one of the reasons for the separation was Meg’s affair with Russell Crowe, for whom the actress left her husband.

Like many other Hollywood celebs’ children, her only son grew up in Los Angeles. But, unlike most, he didn’t become a spoiled kid. Despite the creative atmosphere at home, Jack had a normal childhood: the parents raised him themselves. Even after the divorce, they managed to stay on good terms.

Since childhood, the boy knew that he would like to become an actor. He gladly participated in amateur productions and dreamed to build a career of a comedian. But it was the role of Marvel in The Hunger Games that brought him fame. Even those who watched the film hardly realized that the actor is Meg and Dennis’ son. The young man proved that he had talent, and wasn’t just reaping the fruits of his parents’ fame.

The handsome guy with a rather striking similarity to his mother started getting invites to shoot in other films. By 2019, his track record already included pictures like Logan Lucky and Rampage.

Jack is Ryan’s only biological child. But she also has a daughter, Daisy True. The actress adopted the Chinese girl in 2006, when the baby was a little over 1 year old. She wasn’t with anyone at that time, but the thought of becoming a single mother of two didn’t scare her.

In an interview, the actress noted that parenting was hard and responsible work. But fortunately, she had enough time to devote to them. Around the mid-2000s, Meg got into artistic photography, and her daughter became one of her favorite models.

Daisy True doesn’t appear in public often. She used to be mainly photographed while walking with her mother.

But in July 2019, Meg took her along to Paris Fashion Week. She's grown into a pretty teenage girl. It seemed that Daisy was a little shy in the focus of so many cameras.

Children have always been a priority for Meg, and it seems that she did an excellent job raising them as decent people. Ryan hasn’t abandoned photography, but also tries her hand in writing, and has got into design. And in end-2018, it was announced that she got engaged to her long-time boyfriend John Mellencamp. We can only wish the actress all the best and hope that she will keep delighting us with public appearances along with her beautiful children. After all, it’s always interesting to see how the lives of famous people turn out, isn't it?