Boyfriend Snatchers: Stars Who Stole Their Friends’ Beaus, Some More Than Once

July 4, 2019 17:05

Celebrities live by the same rules as we do. They also fall in love, make friends, stab one another in the back, and forgive. Love triangles are not that uncommon in the Olympus of fame and success. Over the past decade, these 5 celebrity duos became the most famous rivals to have fallen for the same man.

1. Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez – The Weeknd

The favorites of star-filled events and red carpets – Bella Hadid and The Weeknd – started their relationship back in 2015. The sweethearts were on and off for 2 years, until a photo of the singer kissing Selena Gomez appeared on the internet. It is rumored that the supermodel instantly unfollowed Gomez on Instagram and ended the relationship with the singer.

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The Weeknd and Gomez’s love story was over in less than a year. In 2018, the Canadian singer got back with the model and there’s no sign of trouble in their paradise.

2. Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson – Alex Rodriguez

Famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez is also a notorious heartbreaker. Besides Jennifer Lopez, he has even been spotted with Madonna, but one of the most jealous women in his life turned out to be Kate Hudson, with whom he had a relationship from May to December 2010. After their break, the athlete had a short affair with Cameron Diaz, which infuriated Hudson.

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She took it as payback for the short-lived romance with Justin Timberlake after Diaz’ 4-year-long relationship with the singer. Cameron’s spokesperson dismissed it as nonsense and went further to say that Kate Hudson was the one spreading these rumors for fear of loneliness. What a clash of two Hollywood blondes!

Here is a photo of Kate cheering for Rodriguez in the front row.

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3. Rihanna and J.Lo – Drake

Rihanna and Drake are one of the most long-lasting couples of the American rap and hip-hop scene. The first rumor of the superstars’ mutual affection appeared in 2005, and then there was a time when Rihanna denied any romantic relationship with the performer. She was often accused of lacking feelings for Drake, and she confirmed that he was a friend to her. But even if it was so, her pride was hurt by rumors that her man was fooling around with J.Lo.

The latter denied everything, and we too are inclined to believe that it was just a PR move aimed at self-promotion. Drake and Rihanna have never parted officially, and even now she claims that they are neither friends nor enemies, but something in between.

4. Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid – Joe Jonas

Jonas was one of the first boyfriends of the promising 19-year-old country singer Taylor Swift, but she won’t probably cherish many good memories of him. The relationship lasted from July to October 2008 and ended because of actress Camilla Belle. As for Gigi, Swift's close friend, she fell for the spell of the charming member of Jonas Brothers after some 7 years.

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This romance wasn’t long-lasting either: the official reason for parting was the mismatch of work schedules and inability to spend time together. Also, Gigi couldn’t fall in love with the guy who couldn’t have even dreamed of such a girl. And Taylor Swift said that she would wait for her “only one.”

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5. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift – John Mayer

This triangle is a bit like the previous one in that Mayer was Swift’s fatal passion in 2009/10. The stormy love tale lasted for only 3 months: the young blonde was too inexperienced for the 35-year-old musician, who had dated the Hollywood’s ace beauties. Taylor dedicated her song Dear John to the heartless boyfriend, accusing him of cheating. Mayer didn’t appreciate the track.

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Her social media “frenemy” Katy Perry didn’t miss the opportunity to have an affair with Taylor Swift’s ex to get to her. Perry and Mayer started dating in 2012.

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The couple broke up in 2014, and judging by the latest Instagram posts, the girls buried the hatchet in the cheerful blonde’s kitchen with some yummy-looking cookies.

Which story did you find the most dramatic?