First Hugsies! Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Have Finally Shown Their Feelings In Public


March 13, 2019 13:24 By Fabiosa

The relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is a mystery and object for speculation because both Duchesses are clear favorites of the public. Many would like them to dispel the rumors of a rift by stepping out together more often, but, as befitting of royals, they have demonstrated excellent restraint until now.

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Ever since Meghan Markle became a duchess, it’s been only once that she appeared in public together with Kate – that time they went to a tennis match. The rest of the rare cases of their joint engagements include various services, parades, and other royal family events. But then they were accompanied by their husbands.

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Journalists love scrutinizing every little detail of their looks, fashion choices, as well as the relationship between the two Duchesses. Often they are very reserved toward each other, limiting their communication to exchanging a few phrases. We know that they both are sweet and friendly, but it’s not enough for real fans!

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Fortunately, during the Commonwealth Day service, the ice was finally broken! Both Duchesses stood through the solemn event on either side of their husbands. It is evident that Kate and Meghan literally reached to each other chatting animatedly.

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But it’s not the main surprise! Who would have thought that the Duchesses would finally show their feelings? In Westminster Abbey, instead of a traditional handshake, they exchanged a friendly and warm embrace!

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This long-awaited gesture has finally made it clear that there is no rift between the Duchesses. They have to show restraint because of their status and the format of the events they usually attend. Hopefully, they are true friends behind closed doors! What do you think about their relationship? Do you think they are close? Share your opinion in the comments.

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