For Women Over 50: 7 Fashion Tips From Carolina Herrera, The 80-Year-Old Style Guru

June 17, 2019 17:26

When it comes to fashion and icons of style, along with beautiful actresses and first ladies of various states, famous female designers come to mind. Many of them are ladies of a rather graceful age, who have been making a name for themselves and their own brand for years. Venezuelan-American model, designer, and businesswoman Carolina Herrera is a great example of such a woman.

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It is noteworthy that she began her ascent to the Olympus of fashion not by producing clothes. In 1987, Ms. Herrera launched her first fragrance. It was so commercially successful that she spent part of the profits on a new project creating her own clothing collection. She was already in her 40s, leading an active social life and raising 4 daughters. However, Carolina Herrera is not only valued for her contribution to the fashion industry, but also for her example of beautiful aging.

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Nothing ages a woman more than her desire to appear younger. In January 2019, Caroline turned 80, but who could tell? Hardly anyone.

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She has dressed Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Renée Zellweger, and Nicole Kidman, among others.

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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, who have repeatedly opted for Herrera's outfits, could be also considered fans of her brand.

And what unites all these women is not just fame, but their impeccable elegance and the fact that they stay true to their age. And this is what made them icons of style, like Carolina Herrera. What are the secrets to this gorgeous woman’s looks?

1. Age appropriate clothes

Fashion is good because it changes along with a woman. It is silly to dress like a young girl in your 50s, even if you are the owner of a great body. Two best gifts a woman can give herself are a full-height mirror to see your complete image and a quality white blouse or shirt.

2. Sleeves

...are mandatory if you want to look elegant and spectacular. Especially, when it comes to formal and evening garments.

3. Don’t expose too much skin

Mini-skirts, a deep cleavage and open-back dresses do not belong in the wardrobe of a woman over 50. A bit of skin is beautiful, but there must be some mystery.

4. No total black

Herrera always considered black to be a boring solution for a daytime look. But black evening dresses are still timeless.

5. Natural and fresh

The condition of the skin is no less important than the choice of clothes. The well-tended face, neck, and hands make the overall image look younger. After 50, it is better to refuse Botox and dyeing in unnatural shades. The noble gray looks wonderful.

6. Always bring your A-game

Be it going to the store, for a walk or on a trip, make sure you look good. A neat and perhaps simple hairstyle, a touch of lipstick of a graceful shade that suits you, and an elegant outfit – why not always be beautiful?

7. Accessories

It is these “little things” that make the image. Don’t be afraid to combine belts, scarves, bags, and shoes. By the way, their quality is more important than that of clothes. If you choose your accessories wisely, the most boring outfit will look elegant. Don’t forget about the jewelry: a touch of sparkle around the face or neck won’t hurt.

But the main advice that Herrera could give to women is to trust one's own opinion and not to be afraid of aging, because there’s really nothing terrible about it. Being confident in your style, wearing what you like and what suits you, and avoiding outdated outfits and following fashion blindly are, perhaps, all the fashion hacks that will help you look great at 50 and older.