"New" Diana? How The Former British Prime Minister's Wife Allegedly Tried To Outshine Lady Di

April 9, 2019 17:58

For decades, women around the world have been inspired by the iconic images of late Princess Diana. She used to be an icon of style and a real fashionista: some of her outfits found their rightful place in an exhibition dedicated to Lady Di, while others became symbols of monumental events, such as the “Travolta dress.” Many tried to follow her style, but only a few dared try replacing or upstaging her. The wife of former British Prime Minister, Cherie Blair, was considered to have been one of those few.

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For a long time, she was known as one of the most influential women in her country. Cherie has built a brilliant legal career, teaching law, and working as a lawyer and judge.

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She is also known as an active philanthropist. The wife of the ex-Prime Minister co-founded Mee Healthcare, patronized a charitable organization fighting breast cancer, supported hospices, patronized the British branch of Child in Need India, and launched Cherie Blair Foundation to help female entrepreneurs in developing countries.

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As the Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs. Blair was often among those invited to state and more private events held by the royal family. But Cherie didn’t feel she had enough fame and recognition: she wanted to shine just like Princess Diana, as the famous biographer Paul Scott revealed in his book Tony And Cherie: A Special Relationship.

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According to him, up to the age of around 40, she had been far from the world of high fashion. However, with Cherie’s growing fame, the obsession with her own appearance also grew. Expensive outfits started to pile up in Cherie’s wardrobe. She sought to flaunt as many of them as possible and reacted painfully to criticism of her looks. By the way, she has also been a fan of Indian-styled clothes such as the sari.

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Scott assumed that Mrs. Blair wanted to become a “new” Diana: she showcased latest fashion crazes and tried to dress like a royal. However, although Cherie started dressing with an impeccable style, she never became a recognized icon of style.

At the same time, according to the biographer, Cherie was a staunch anti-monarchist. In the documentary Paxman on the Queen’s Children, they even shed a little light on her dislike of Princess Anne. Allegedly, at the first meeting with Mrs. Blair, the Queen’s daughter rejected her inquiry if she could call her simply by her first name. Cherie took it almost as a personal insult. Who knows, maybe it became another reason to strive to be better than the representatives of the Windsor family.

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It is not known for certain whether there is some truth to the theory that Mrs. Blair tried to outshine Princess Diana. However, it seems fairly plausible since both women were recognized and respected. Even years after the tragic death of Lady Di, she remains tough competition. What do you think, is there a worthy “replacement” for her among modern celebrities?

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