Oddities Of Alec Baldwin’s Late But Surprisingly Happy Marriage


April 16, 2019 14:56 By Fabiosa

Marriages between celebrities may appear beautiful and strong, but many of them don’t stand the test of time, fame, or addiction of one of the spouses. Earlier, we wrote about the reasons why such lovely couples as Gary Oldman and Uma Thurman or Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere fell apart. Fortunately, many divorcees manage to build new happy and healthy relationships, as did Alec and Hilaria Baldwin.

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In his youth, Alec Baldwin was known to be rather rude. He didn’t hesitate to use strong language or, if he considered it “necessary,” get involved in a fight, despite the fact that it could be his wife, Kim Basinger, or their common daughter, Ireland, who was his “rival.” The actress tried to get along with her aggressive husband for a long time (let us remind you that Alec used to suffer from alcohol and drug addiction), but filed for divorce in 2001. The exes scandalously divided property and custody of their daughter, and remained enemies.

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10 years later, Baldwin met his new love – Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor. They are happily married, but the story of their relationship has been rather strange from the very beginning.

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Their first date took place in a restaurant – fairly typical if it wasn’t for the fact that Alec bluntly asked Hilaria whether she would like to become a mother soon. Without any embarrassment, he stated that he wanted a large family.

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Perhaps many women would be taken aback, but Baldwin’s behavior was even more unpredictable. For 6 weeks after the couple started dating, Alec didn’t allow himself anything but a goodbye handshake – no hugs or kisses!

In 2012, the couple got married and became parents of 4 within a span of 4.5 years. Considering the actor’s temper (once, Alec even had to take anger management counseling) and past, plus the 26-year age gap between the spouses, few expected the Baldwins to build a healthy and lasting relationship.

Baldwin loves his young wife and children madly, but still works hard. Hilaria has kept house and raised the children, while her husband is more like a caring but “visiting” dad. It has worked for them perfectly – the couple doesn’t fight and has learned to appreciate moments spent together.

One of the secrets of their happy marriage is that the spouses haven’t always thought of each other as husband and wife or parents. Often, after putting their kids to bed, Alec and Hilaria would go on a date as if they were young people who have just met. At times, Hilaria would leave the kids and come to her husband’s set to watch him act.

Although the Baldwins are well off, there’s been no place for extravagant entertainments. Their family life could seem rather mundane for many, but perhaps appreciating the most ordinary things that others take for granted has helped them create a strong and happy family.