Rocking Leather Pants A Week Post-Labor: Meghan Markle Keeps Defying Fashion Stereotypes

May 13, 2019

Even when Meghan Markle was pregnant, she was evidently determined to defy fashion stereotypes that pregnant women have been building for years. To be more specific, a expectation of wearing shapeless and loose clothes that distort the figure. Apparently, the Duchess considers pregnancy to be a great time that should be emphasized and celebrated!

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Meghan never stopped wearing heels and stylish dresses and skirts. It seemed that she decided to literally adjust the fashion world to her condition, when she wore brand dresses that had been tailored to fit her tummy!

During the entire duration of pregnancy, Meghan hardly stepped out in clothes made for women in a delicate condition. All her outfits were well-chosen and comfortable.

2 days after giving birth, she came out to pose with her newborn son and spouse. On that day, she wore a stylish midi-length waistcoat, which emphasized the beauty of her body and hid the tummy.

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Surely many people thought that Meghan would take advantage of her maternity leave and take a break from publicity, but she has already made a public appearance! Together with her husband, they attended an event where she supported Harry.

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And what did she put on? A shapeless dress? A boring suit? No! The Duchess rocked leather skinny pants that look very daring for a lady of her status. She paired them with high-heeled pumps, a black jacket, and a floral coat. Splendid!

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This way, Meghan again ruined a stereotype that after giving birth women give up and disappear in baby-life, forgetting about their looks and the rest of the world. She emphasized her style, attractiveness, and class. A great example for many! What do you think about this image? Share your opinion in the comments.