Was Baby Sussex Named After A Kiwi Schoolboy? This And 4 More Theories Behind The Name Choice

May 15, 2019 12:26

The birth of Meghan Meghan and Prince Harry’s son on May 6, 2019, became a momentous event for Britons, only shadowed by the slight disappointment of not having seen the newborn on the same day. Let us remind you that this is what Princess Diana and Kate Middleton had done. Prince Harry was the one who stepped out to make the public announcement.

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The first photos of the boy were posted a few days later. It gave rise to speculations in the media about the reasons why the baby was “hidden” from people. According to Mirror, Thomas Markle’s first wife Roslyn, the mother of notorious Samantha and Thomas Jr. Markle, warned the Duchess not to include her father in her firstborn's life. The woman claims that a man who has repeatedly let down his own kids can’t be a proper granddad. However, it is not known if this had anything to do with Meghan’s decision to take a photocall instead of stepping out.

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Meanwhile, people started to discuss the rather strange choice in the baby’s name – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. And some theories are quite incredible. So, after whom could Baby Sussex have got his rather “unroyal” name?

1. Mom and dad

The baby’s name is almost an anagram of his mother’s first name, Rachel, which she rarely uses. Rachel and Archie are composed of almost the same letters. As for the second name, Harrison, it literally means “son of Harry.”

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2. A random acquaintance in New-Zealand

During their Australia and Oceania tour, the Sussexes met with thousands of fans. One boy who got lucky to exchange a few words with the Prince told that allegedly, Harry liked his name, which of course was Archie.

3. Archie Comics

Red-headed Archie Andrews is one of the main characters in the Archie Comics franchise and series Riverdale portrayed by New-Zealand actor Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa.

By the way, according to some sources, he used to be Meghan’s favorite character. It is believed that it was her father who introduced her to Archie Comics and reading them together was their father-daughter quality time. Could this really be a roundabout tribute to Thomas Markle?

4. Princess Diana

It is also assumed that Meghan and Harry named their son in honor of Princess Diana’s distant ancestor, Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll who lived in the 17th century.

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5. Meghan’s cat

According to unconfirmed information, when the Duchess was a little girl, together with her mother she picked a kitten, which they named Archie.

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Choosing a name for a child is a very exciting process for any parent, and no one has the right to criticize this choice because it usually bears special meaning. But let’s return to little Archie: which theory seems the most plausible to you?