What Baby Sussex’ Siblings Could Look Like? Meghan’s Doppelganger Has Kids And There Are Photos

Even before their wedding in 2018, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became one of the most famous couples in the world. Fashionistas from around the globe have been monitoring the Duchess’ garments, and experts, the development of her relationship with her spouse and other relatives.

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Since the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy in October, the public has been restless, wondering about many things. Everything was kept under wraps: the gender and possible name of the firstborn, the estimated due date, the future role in the royal family. But perhaps most of all, the people of Britain and far beyond its borders were curious about the appearance of the child, considering the father’s fiery red hair and the mother’s African-American origin. Genetic scientists assumed they could have dark skinned and redhead babies.

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When Meghan and Harry began dating officially, many fans tried to imitate her. For some, it was enough to take inspiration from the girl’s style, while others, according to the media, went further: many wanted to have the exact same nose and cheekbones.

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Also, there were a select few who didn’t need the help of beauty surgeons or makeup: they became known as the Duchess’ doppelgangers. A few weeks before the wedding, “replicas” of Harry and Meghan were spotted in London. From a distance, this couple could be easily mistaken for the royal couple.

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In December 2018, at Madame Tussauds, Meghan and Harry figures that “came to life” gave a real Christmas performance.

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By the way, such shows are fairly popular in Britain and lookalikes can earn some good money. For instance, 23-year-old Nicole Butcher first heard of Markle when she was compared to Rachel Zane, the Suits character. Later, using her resemblance to the Duchess, she started working with various agencies and taking part in shows and events.

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In 2019, internet users have switched attention to family photos of Sarah Mhlanga, one of Markle’s official lookalikes. In 2017, she already used to get curious stares and questions if she wasn’t the Prince’s girlfriend.

Later, she started getting calls from journalists and agents with offers to impersonate then royal-to-be at various theatrical events and photo shoots.

For example, in this photo, “Aunt Meghan is reading a bedtime story to George and Charlotte.”

What does her family have to with it? Her husband Jabu is African-American. They are not identical to the Sussexes but just look at their lovely kids.

Their eldest is a wonderful boy with fair curly hair.

The youngest daughter is a mixed-raced beauty, just as Meghan.

Obviously, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ kids may not be as different as Sarah and Jabu’s children. But what do you think, what could little Archie’s possible siblings look like?