What Princess Diana Disliked Most About Prince Charles’ Character

May 16, 2019 18:01

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding was one of the most eagerly anticipated events in 1981. Millions watched it broadcast live, and the photos of the couple have been universally admired ever since. Everything looked beautiful: the radiant bride, the happy groom, and a fabulous ceremony. But during the honeymoon, it became clear just how different Diana and Charles were.

A considerable age gap probably played a significant role. During their two-week vacation, the couple went on a cruise and spent several days in a family mansion in Balmoral. It was then that the young Princess felt that her husband was not too interested in her.

In her book The Diana Chronicles, royal biographer Tina Brown told that the Prince preferred to spend time reading and painting, which his wife found awfully annoying. Diana wanted much more communication. She was even claimed to have torn up a painting Charles was working on to shreds. To his credit, the heir to the British throne took Lady Diana’s tantrums with incredible composure.

The trip to Balmoral wasn't the only challenge for the newly-minted Princess, according to Penny Junor’s book The Duchess: The Untold Story. Since childhood, Charles has been fond of nature and still enjoys gardening. The photos taken on the grounds of the luxurious castle were magnificent. The couple looked completely blissful – Diana kept putting her head on her husband’s shoulder and Charles couldn't stop showering her hands with kisses and showing other signs of affection.

However, Diana didn’t share the Prince’s love of the countryside and passion for horses. Perhaps every day spent in the castle was unbearable to her.

Who knows, maybe if the spouses tried to get to know each other better, take interest in each other’s hobbies, everything could have turned out differently.

Another ambiguous episode from their family life surfaced in the documentary project Diana: The Woman Inside. In 1985, Lady Di decided to give her husband an unusual Christmas surprise gift, which he didn’t appreciate at all. Quite the opposite, his wife’s extravagance made Charles absolutely furious.

Diana loved ballet, but couldn’t dance due to being too tall. Still, she secretly took classes and, in the middle of one show she was attending with Charles, Diana went on stage of the Royal Opera House and danced with Wayne Sleep to the song Uptown Girl by Billy Joel. Many were enraptured by the Princess’ daring antic, but not the Prince.

When there is no understanding between the spouses, there is probably nothing that can hold them together. But what do you think about Charles’ “annoying” habits that Diana didn’t like so much? Do you, too, find incompatibility in normal family life?