Not Without Some Work Done After All? What Emily Ratajkowski Looked Like A Child

May 29, 2019

Emily Ratajkowski seems to be a goddess of unearthly beauty. Her chiseled figure, seductive décolletage, full lips, and graceful nose – it all looks so perfect. No duck’s bill instead of the lips or unnaturally shaped inflated bust.

Was nature indeed so generous to Emily?

Of course, few celebrities go candid about operations they’ve had. But fortunately for us, there are childhood photos! And Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t hide them from her fans.

The girl has always had puffy lips, but now they are even larger and more contoured. At least, her upper lip has been modified and injected.

Also, at the beginning of her career, Emily's nose was slightly wider and snubber. It seems like Ratajkowski has refined it, but it still looks quite natural.

As for the eyes, it seems that they have remained unchanged, except that they’ve become slightly wider open, and the corners became cattier.

We can’t talk about breast surgery with 100% certainty, because Emily’s cleavage looks very natural. Perhaps, it’s just that the chest looks a bit too large for her girlish figure.

Even if Emily has resorted to the services of beauty surgeons, she did it very carefully. The main thing about it is to know when to stop!