48-Year-Old Naomi Campbell Fascinated Her Fans, Sharing A Photo With A Newborn Baby

May 14, 2019 14:38

People around the world had the delightful chance to celebrate Mother's Day on May 12. Many world celebrities didn’t miss the opportunity to congratulate and thank the most important women in their lives on their social networks.

But supermodel Naomi Campbell puzzled her fans with one of her latest Instagram posts. The 48-year-old star shared a photo in which she gently holds a baby in her arms.

The picture intrigued Campbell's subscribers. They immediately began to wonder: did the model adopt the baby? Did she use the services of a surrogate mother? Maybe it's a friend's child?


Since when she is a mother..?


I’m confused.


Wait what Naomi had a baby?


Did you adopt? Please do! 😍

By the way, earlier supermodel admitted that she dreams of becoming a mother one day:

I think about having children all the time. But now with the way science is I think I can do it when I want.

Naomi also noted that first she wants to find a suitable man with whom she will be ready to start a family.

Well, so far Campbell has neither confirmed nor refuted the fans' assumptions regarding her possible motherhood. We can only wait for news from her!

Do you think Naomi has finally decided to become a mother, or is this a child of her friends? Share your opinion in the comments!