Fans Compared The Sussexes With The Kardashians After The Royals' Latest Instagram Post

May 15, 2019 12:16

Harry and Meghan’s Instagram account is becoming more and more popular. In honor of the recent Mother's Day, they shared an adorable photo with the tiny feet of newborn Archie. This post not only delighted all the royal fans, but also paid tribute to all the mothers, including those who are no longer with us.

So, the photo of the royal heir was made against the background of forget-me-nots – Princess Diana’s favorite flowers. Harry and Meghan commemorated Archie’s grandmother with this sweet gesture.

At the same time, some users noticed other references in the picture. Some of them considered the post quite similar to the style of the Kardashian family. Of course, numerous comments weren’t long in coming.


This picture is very similar to @kyliejenner posted with Stormi.




Even same nail polish?! I thought both pictures are of the same babe!


Thought I was viewing Kardashian post.

By the way, many Instagram users remembered that the royal family bans or remove all comments from “haters.” You can see how the negative feedback is literally drowned in positive ones.

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There are some very strange and really nasty posts on here. What's wrong with you people?! So much going on in the world and you're bothered about baby feet, birth certificates and wrong mothers days?


I used to think Instagram was a much nicer place that Facebook until I read the comments here!!!

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Perhaps the royal family does the right thing by protecting Meghan from negative emotions. By the way, not only celebrities but also ordinary women have a weakness for such pictures of newborn children.

Did you see the similarities between the photo of little Archie and the post of the Kardashian sister? Share your opinions in the comments!