Fashion Fail Or New Trend? David Beckham Flashed His Red Socks Through Open Sandals

May 15, 2019 11:59

Fashion trends are constantly changing. We can see this by the example of how celebrities update their wardrobe. Your age, status, public image, and sense of taste influence your style directly, and it is common for all of us to experiment with images. No doubt, celebs do this much more persistently than we do.

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David Beckham, who has recently turned 44 on May 2, 2019, has been a spectacularly elegant model for several years. His style combined elements of classics with modern silhouettes, making this handsome man look even more stylish to match his dazzling wife Victoria.

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Both spouses have been working in the fashion industry for many years, but their wardrobe wasn’t always so well-designed. The couple has actively tried on trendy and extravagant things in their youth, encouraging fans to embrace themselves and not be afraid of change.

The spouses often appeared in public in informal wear, although in those years it seemed quite acceptable.

Sometimes, the Beckhams wore matching outfits, making them look really harmonious.

The famous football player experimented a lot with his hairstyle, either by following the fashion or by looking for the perfect image.

Well, he looks terrific in both formal suits and casual clothes indeed.

While celebrities often allow themselves to mix styles, most of their fans are more modest in real life. They prefer to follow the generally accepted fashion rules, especially given that many people have a certain working dress code.

For example, men know that a jacket is never fastened with all buttons; not every shirt should be tucked into trousers; and not all accessories are appropriate for certain occasions. It would seem that such “fashionable” combinations as a tracksuit paired with classic shoes or sandals with socks have been left in the 90s. However, David decided it didn’t look so bad 30 years ago, and it won’t be horrible today either. Beckham has recently visited Dorset, where he starred for a new advertising campaign for his brand. The athlete appeared in public in an elegant blue suit, bright red socks, and brown sandals.

It is difficult to argue that Beckham’s image was ridiculous. But what can you call it – a new trend, a convenience matching, or a blatant disregard for the basic fashion rules that many men have followed for years? What do you think?