How Many First Ladies Can You See? Netizens Suspect That Melania Trump May Have A Double


March 13, 2019 13:00 By Fabiosa

Today, many celebrities have doubles, and this probably flatters both the "originals" and their "copies." For some people, transformation into an idol is also great entertainment that has developed into the cosplay movement.

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Melania Trump is one of the most reserved first ladies of modern times. We know very little about her youth and the very beginning of her modeling career. Moreover, she also wasn’t always there for her spouse. Recently, internet users discussed the possibility of the double for the First Lady. What prompted the public to doubt Melania’s "authenticity" and does it make sense?

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Twitter user Joe Vargas, better known to his followers as The Don of CBD, turned out to be one of the instigators of this conspiracy theory. He was among the first to publish “dubious” videos and photos with the president’s spouse. Indeed, they make you doubt that it is real Melania.

The popular resource Vox explained it quite simply: Mrs. Trump began to appear more often in public in large sunglasses that hid part of her face. However, it is impossible to suggest she can have doubles only on this basis.

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The discussion resumed when the couple went on an official visit to Alabama to commemorate the victims of tornadoes.

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By the way, both Melania’s fans and haters develop the theory. Some netizens even noticed that the First Lady became taller.

Skeptics also responded to the discussion.

The “real” Melania was “found” on the video that had already become a legendary meme, during the day of Trump's inauguration.

Of course, some of the users interpreted it as nothing more than a joke.

Just think about it: one person can’t look the same in different situations. Each of us can be in a bad mood or have certain health issues. Moreover, the Trumps didn’t set off to Alabama for a pleasant reason. What about you? Do you think Melania has a double? Have we ever seen “real” Melania? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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