Meghan And Kate’s Labor: 5 Main Distinctions That Show Different Approaches To The Occasion

May 8, 2019

Spring is a great time for the British royal family. During this period, Her Majesty and the two children of the Kate and William, Charlotte and Louis, celebrate their birthdays, as well as both the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex have wedding anniversaries. Isn't it a wonderful time? Moreover, the royal family fans were excited to finally get word of the birth of Meghan and Harry’s firstborn on May 6. Now, we can remember all three of Kate’s pregnancies and compare them to what Meghan did at this period.

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The Duchess of Cambridge is very traditional. She honors all the rules that were thought out many years ago, obediently preparing to become consort queen one day, and doesn’t violate any royal traditions. Meghan doesn’t have to be so humble. That is why she made her own adjustments during her pregnancy and preparation for childbirth. So, what are the 5 main differences between the Duchesses’ childbirths and preparations for them?

1. Kate Middleton didn’t arrange a “baby shower”

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This is a special event when the friends of the expectant mother give cute gifts and congratulate her on a wonderful occasion. Meghan even flew to New York to meet friends who were close to her prior to her becoming Duchess. Kate adhered to traditions and didn’t arrange parties. And even if she did, nobody has ever found out about this.

2. Kate gave birth in a hospital – Meghan planned to do it at home

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This difference remained doubtful until the last moment. Kate gave birth to all her children at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Meghan decided to break this rule, preferring to give birth at home. However, it is assumed that she was taken to the hospital at the last moment. At the same time, it wasn’t the clinic chosen by Kate, but a private one.

3. Kate and William announced the birth of a child on the official Twitter of Kensington Palace, while Harry and Meghan – on their Instagram

This isn’t a significant difference, because social networks are rapidly developing, and since Harry and Meghan recently created their own personal profile, this was a great occasion to share with the world on their own.

4. Prince William didn’t communicate with the press – Harry did

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Here we are not talking about the child’s presentation to the public. Prince Harry gave a short interview on his own about the experience of childbirth, and at the same time shared information about Meghan’s condition. William didn’t do this. He even kept silent when he was noticed taking George and Charlotte to the hospital when Kate gave birth to Louis.

5. Kate Middleton showed the baby immediately after delivery – Meghan didn’t

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Kate always recuperated quickly after labor and showed the heirs to the British throne to the public, posing with the babies and her spouse. For example, in the case of Prince Louis, the people saw him already 6 hours after his birth! This took place on the porch of the hospital, where Princess Diana also posed in her time. Meghan didn’t show the baby on the same day.

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As you can see, there are quite a few differences between the Duchesses. It likely all rests on Kate’s requirements, because one day she and William will rule the country! Harry and Meghan can afford themselves more leniency because their lives are more personal. What do you think about these differences? Share your opinions in the comments.