Queen Letizia Put On The Same Outfit And Shoes 5 Times! What Does Her Favorite Image Look Like?

April 26, 2019

Duchesses, queens, first ladies, and other female public figures know one important fashionable rule: you need to look elegant, stylish, but not wasteful! That is why such women as Melania Trump, Kate Middleton, and Queen Letizia can be repeatedly seen in the same outfits. They show that they don’t spend people's money on their new clothes, but just wear their favorite things.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Queen Letizia is a resourceful trendsetter. She made several average images look perfectly fashionable! Recently, she has put on the same outfit for the fifth time in a row, complementing it with the same shoes and even coat! What clothes are the Queen’s favorites? Let's find out.

Letizia put on this monochrome gray outfit with purple accents for the first time in 2016. Her snake-print shoes deserve special attention. Gray clutch was an ideal addition to the image.

In 2017, she appeared in this dress twice more. What did she change? This time, she didn’t roll up the sleeves, hiding the purple inserts. Genius move! The snake shoes have found a companion in a clutch with the same print.

In spring of 2018, Letizia put on the same dress, as well as her favorite snake-print shoes again. This time, some fans suspected it was a slightly different model. What do you think? Looks quite tricky to distinguish, doesn’t it?

Finally, in 2019, she was spotted in her favorite gray image again! This time the purple inserts were visible. Snake clutch and shoes were there for her.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Letizia looks just beautiful whenever she wears this outfit. She only changes some small details: a clutch, hairstyle, jewelry. However, this hardly makes the outfit look different, keeping it similarly magnificent. What do you think about this image? Do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments.