What A Vamp! 51-Year-Old Pamela Anderson Appeared On The Vogue Cover For The First Time In History

May 17, 2019 15:47

Although the famous Baywatch star is already over 50, she doesn’t cease to prove you can remain a target of men’s desire and women’s envy at any age.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

In recent years, Pamela Anderson rarely attends social events, but she still makes herself known and pampers her fans from time to time.

Not so long ago, the 51-year-old model and actress has appeared on the cover of Vogue for the first time in its history. Pamela took part in a chic photo session for the June edition produced by the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In one of the photos, the celebrity flashed on the rocks in a striped top, khaki pants, and stylish red pumps.

In another picture, Anderson is posing against the background of the ocean in a translucent black blouse and massive necklace by Yves Saint Laurent.

In the third image, the model lies in a pool in a colorful shirt and shorts.

The author of the photo session is German photographer Dan Beleiu. In the pictures, you can see the intriguing words, “Who wants to kill Pamela Anderson?” This question is a reference to the legendary Czech comedy of 1966, Who Wants to Kill Jessie?

By the way, we have previously shared the snaps from a photo session with Jennifer Aniston, who also delighted her fans with exquisite images.

These charming women prove you aren’t obliged to give up seductive looks and daring dresses after 50, and we completely agree with them!