Celine Dion’s Dazzling Wedding Dress Has Been One Of The Most Luxurious Attires In History For 25 Years


March 15, 2019 17:26 By Fabiosa

Celine Dion is a unique woman in many ways, and it's not just because of her hard work.

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At 50, this beauty continues proving that age isn’t an obstacle to amazing appearance, even though some people consider her too thin.

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The touching love story of the singer and her late spouse René Angélil is similarly mesmerizing as her luxurious voice and beautiful appearance.

They met in the 1980s when the future star was only 12. The handsome and imposing 26-year-old man became the love of her life, but, of course, not immediately. By that time, Angélil had already been a famous music manager. Once, he received a recording of Dion’s songs. By the way, the singer's mother and brother also played a significant role in its creation.

Their relationship began with cooperation: René saw great potential in a girl with a strong voice and, as they say, helped her in 'promotion'. They became a couple only in 1987.

Four years later, Celine and René announced about their engagement, and in 1994, they made a magnificent wedding, which went down in history without exaggeration.

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The couple lived together, working side by side and inspiring each other for more than 20 years. Their happiness was first shadowed only by the absence of children, but after a long treatment, they eventually became parents in 2001. 9 years later, René-Charles was happy to meet twin brothers, Eddy and Nelson.

Unfortunately, the fairy tale ended in 2016, when the 73-year-old music manager lost his battle against cancer. Celine and René were inseparable throughout their life together, inspiring other couples with their devotion and sincerity.

Almost 25 years have passed since their wedding in Quebec, but even today Dion’s extravagant wedding dress is considered one of the most dazzling of all time.

More than 1,000 hours were spent over its creation. About 260 feet of Italian silk and a huge amount of the finest French lace were used for its tailoring.

Dion looked like a fairy-tale princess: a fitted bodice favorably emphasized her chiseled figure, while the luxurious fabric was richly embroidered with pearls. An unusual accessory has become an addition to the image of a charming bride: a massive tiara inlaid with more than 2,000 Austrian crystals. 

Probably every woman in the late 90s dreamed of her own wedding to look like Celine Dion: tender, romantic, and luxurious. It’s hardly possible for anyone to repeat her image since the dress will probably forever remain one of the greatest masterpieces of all times.

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