Why Meghan Markle "Flirts" With The Public And Even Shows Her Tongue! Expert Shares Her Opinion


April 11, 2019 16:59 By Fabiosa

Meghan Markle's life after the engagement with Prince Harry changed in a blink of an eye. Despite being a successful actress and being used to public attention, the girl became one of the most photographed women in the world. We have already talked about the true attitude of the Duchess of Sussex to her popularity, so today, we have a different topic for discussion.

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We can all understand why Meghan isn’t shy in front of cameras. But many noticed that sometimes she allowed herself rather unusual behavior: she was making grimaces and was even showing her tongue.

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Eventually, The Sun reporters, together with popular body language expert Judy James found out the reasons why Markle resorted to the atypical expression of emotions.

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Judy claims these gestures were not always random in Meghan’s behavior. This was her way to become closer, more accessible to her audience. She preferred to seem real and even a bit ridiculous rather than inaccessible.

Meghan did her best and probably succeeded in looking as natural as possible in front of cameras as well as in demonstrating her simplicity. James noted that Princess Diana, once also chose a similar behavioral pattern. She was repeatedly noticed laughing out loud, in particular, being accompanied by her sons.

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As for the tongue, the expert called this gesture childish but contributing to concentration. Perhaps Meghan used it unconsciously, trying not to be distracted and focus on what was of top priority for her at certain moments.

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James shared her opinion on Twitter, heating up the discussion of the Duchess’ behavior in March 2019.


She is just a jumped up American celebrity and she will never be like our real Princess Diana.


....and we all witnessed the disaster called Diana Spencer. Don't forget that she was not a princess when she died, that title had already been removed by the Queen because of her conduct. So this American soap actress should stop being silly.

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She's probably a nice enough lass but I just think she's trying a bit too hard.


Don’t think people will think she’s down to earth. Far from it. More likely to think she’s rude.


Pure hatred from the media, it is bullying and it's about time you stopped. Your readers are not interested in nonsense!

When we start talking about a public person, there probably can be no consensus, because it can’t please everyone. By the way, Judy has also noted that Markle returned to another behavioral tactic she used at the beginning of her relationship with Harry: holding him with both hands. On the one hand, this charming gesture should have made her more vulnerable in the eyes of the public. On the other hand, the Duchess shows that their couple is rather isolated and even independent to a certain extent.

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Princess Diana has modernized the monarchy in her own way, so it is possible that Meghan would like to continue her work. What do you think about the Duchess' public behavior? What does it seem to you: sweet, cocky, or rude? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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