Security Guards Didn’t Let Plus-Size Model Take Bikini Photos

May 9, 2018 13:48

A plus-size blogger, beauty expert, and model Anna O’Brien had a frustrating experience. First, a Las Vegas hotel gave her permission to take photos in its lobby, and then she was denied. Now, Anna is raising the alarm claiming it is all because of her composure.

The girl from New York was trying to make a series of shots for her website Glitter + Lazers. The hotel welcomed her to shoot anywhere, except the casino floor. There were no restrictions on the choice of clothing. And how frustrating: When Anna changed in a bikini and got ready to pose, the decision was abruptly changed.

The 33-year-old victim says that a few minutes prior to the photo shoot, security guards became hostile and aggressive to her. O’Brien was outraged that other women kept on walking around dressed exactly like her. The model complained to the People:

First I fell confused, then disappointed. I’ve taken photos in hotels all over the world and there was never such a reaction.

She is sure that this aggression is all about her figure.

The photographer managed to take a few shots, though, one of which Anna posted on Instagram together with this story.

This is so hard. Women of my size are told not to wear certain clothes, like a swimsuit. I am body positive and genuinely love myself, but I will never forget this awful Las Vegas experience.

Anna didn’t reveal the name of the hotel, neither did Cosmopolitan. However, they gave the lodging administration a call. Here is a statement they provided about this event:

All guests wearing bathing suits inside our lobby and casino are asked to cover up. Additionally, Ms. O’Brien never shared with the PR team that she intended to take photos in the lobby in her bathing suit. Had we understood her intent additional clearances to take the photos would have been required and, if permitted, we would have had a PR team member present.

Ms. O’Brien is a smart woman. She doesn’t blame the hotel, but rather the attitude to people of large size.

Maybe, they think that a plus-size woman can’t be a model. They think she is lying.

We strongly support Anna. All people deserve to be respected and loved, regardless of their appearance. Don’t you agree?