Celebrating New Year In Yellow! Fashion Tips From Melania, Meghan, Kate, And Other Powerful Trendsetters

December 6, 2018

2019 will be the year of the Yellow Earth Pig. You can see from the name which shades will be preferred on this upcoming eve - yellow and brown. We suggest paying more attention to the first one as it comes first in the name. The top colors will include all shades of yellow and also golden. It's important to think through all the details of your festive look.


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You don't have to wear a monochrome outfit, just carefully pick a combination. For instance, yellow undergarments or yellow tights/socks, combined with a matching pullover, or yellow tunic worn over a black turtleneck. However, if you prefer to celebrate New Year in style by choosing monochrome dresses in the main color of this year, we suggest having a look at a few looks of famous and powerful women from whom you can learn!

1. Meghan Markle 


2. Kate Middleton


3. Melania Trump


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4. Queen Máxima


5. Queen Letizia 


6. Queen Rania

Since this holiday is normally celebrated in warm premises, you can definitely go for some light dress and more. Of course, you don't have to try to recreate these looks entirely as they are. Simply take them as a foundation and create your own look, adding a bit of imagination and some accessories so that your yellow look becomes the center of everyone's attention on New Year's Eve!

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