First Time After Their Split: Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Were Spotted Together

February 7, 2019

In 2016, fans of "Brangelina" were knocked down by the unexpected news – one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood filed for divorce.

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Ever since, articles started popping up on the internet about possible reasons for Jolie and Pitt's break-up and the details about their legal proceedings, including the custody of their 6 children.

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Apart from that, the news about their divorce generated quite a few rumors and gossip. Many mass media and the couple's fans have numerously written about Brad getting back together not only with Angelina but also with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

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The other day, Pitt and Jolie have been spotted together in public for the first time after their divorce. Paparazzi managed to capture the actors during the meeting in one of the offices in LA business centers where they came for another negotiation.

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Judging by the photos, Angelina was rather emotional while her ex-husband, on the contrary, seemed calm.

What the reason was for the meeting as well as its results still remain unknown. The actors' representatives haven't made any official announcements on this matter yet. Perhaps the ex-spouses continue to solve the issues of custody of the children.

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What do you think? Did the couple manage to reach common ground during the negotiation? And is there still hope for their reunion? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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